Many friends who have not been in contact with movie shooting lights always have certain misunderstandings about outdoor movie shooting lights. They think that movie shooting lights are only used when the light is very dark or at night. However, they don't know that movie shooting lights are actually very useful on a sunny day. Today, SUNNYXIAO will take you to understand the 6 applications of outdoor film lighting movie shooting lights.

1. When the scene contrast is high, the photographic light fills the light to reproduce the details of the dark part

When taking pictures outdoors, it is inevitable to encounter some uneven light, which makes the picture high contrast. There are two most common situations. One is when taking pictures in the backlight, whether it is a person or a scene, there will be strong light in the background. It looks particularly dark at the bottom. Second, when there are both luminous and non-luminous objects on the scene, the light ratio may be out of balance. In this case, if the exposure is based on the bright part, the dark part will be too dark, and the details of the image will be lost. If the exposure is based on the dark part, the bright part will be too bright, and some image details will also be lost. Therefore, at this time, the camera light can be used to supplement the light in the dark part and improve the light ratio of the scene, so that the image in the dark part can be presented, and a softer visual sense can also be produced.

2. The use of portrait photography at noon on a cool day, the movie shooting light eliminates unnatural shadows

Generally, when taking portraits outdoors, it is recommended to avoid the noon time. On the one hand, the reason is that the noon sun is too strong, the light is too hard and hot, and on the other hand, the noon sun is on the top of the head, and it is easy to be caught by the sun. The photographer's face left strange shadows like eyelashes. If you can use the camera light in combination, it can reduce the obvious light and shadow left by the top light on the face. When using the flash, remember to pay attention to the lighting angle, pay attention to the film light output not too much, not too close to the subject, to make up for a softer light effect.

3. The movie shooting light increases the color saturation of the picture when shooting in the shadow

When taking pictures outdoors, sometimes we choose to take pictures in the shadow, but it is precise because of the shadow, the subject will be covered by the shadow, and the color of the body and face will be covered with a layer of gray and become depressed. If you use a film shooting light to fill in the light for the subject, it can make it look more radiant, and the color of the picture can become more obvious.

4. Movie shooting lights make special light and shadow effects

In the previous cases, the camera light can be said to be used to make up for the deduction of points, then the use of special light and shadow should be the part that can really add points. Sometimes even in a well-lit environment, even if the exposure of the scene and the subject in the frame is even, it looks a little flat, and outdoor film lighting can be used to create a new light and create a specific light and shadow effect, to make the picture look more three-dimensional.

5. The movie shooting light produces the pressure light effect

When shooting some fashionable portrait photography, many photographers are accustomed to adopting a technique commonly known as calendering, taking pictures of the background scenery with insufficient exposure, and only using the photographic light to fill in the light for the subject to ensure normal exposure, creating a unique and stylish style.

6. Photographic light freezes high-speed dynamic moments

When taking pictures in a low-light environment, we will use outdoor film shooting lights to fill in the light to ensure that the camera shutter speed can be within the safe shutter and increase the success rate of handheld photography. In the same way, in a well-lit environment, the use of flash can be exchanged for a higher shutter speed, and even allows us to clearly capture some dynamic moments, such as splashing water, running puppies etc.

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