1 In April, the whole series of Caster LED panel products were launched.


The launch of new products is hard-earned. Since the launch of the LED panel light project in 2020, from small batch production to mass production, our R&D and manufacturing teams have spent more than 2 years.

In order to meet the more diverse needs of the high-end film and television market, our Caster series covers C01P, C02P, C04P, and C12P models while meeting high color rendering and high brightness. These portable LED light panels have gained a lot of customers' attention since its initial launch.

2  In May, SUNNYXIAO launched a round of financing.


This round of financing ended at the end of September. SUNNYXIAO received tens of millions of financing, led by Shenzhen High-tech Investment. SUNNYXIAO is a high-tech enterprise with a reputation for technological research and development, and the completion of this round of financing fully demonstrates that investors are firmly optimistic about its future development.

With the support of capital, SUNNYXIAO will further increase the research and development of new technologies and new products, and strengthen the development and layout of international markets and domestic sales channels.

3 In July, the Hengdian after-sales service center was put into operation.


With the in-depth market application of the Caster series products, SUNNYXIAO's product experience and after-sales service centers in Hengdian, Beijing, Shanghai and other places were completed one after another in the second half of 2022.

The completion of the service center means that the service of SUNNYXIAO's after-sales department will reach a higher level. In the future, these terminal stores will also undertake more new product launch and offline activities.

4 In September, all Caster products were displayed at the IBC exhibition in the Netherlands


After the industrial exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany in May, all Caster products were unveiled at IBC in September.

IBC is the largest industry event in the European broadcasting industry and the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, enjoying extensive influence in the industry. SUNNYXIAO's participation in this exhibition shows that it has enough confidence in its product.

Judging from the customer feedback received from dozens of countries at the exhibition, the 1500W C12P of SUNNYXIAO's Caster series is particularly popular. In addition to products, ColorExpress, the lighting control APP independently developed by SUNNYXIAO, also aroused the strong interest of the exhibitors.

5 In October, SUNNYXIAO successively delivered hundreds of orders from leading China's leasing companies


Since SUNNYXIAO cooperated with Guangzhou Jiali and successfully delivered the order of 100 Casters products, in the fourth quarter, it expanded the Shanghai commercial film rental market, and received hundreds of orders from VIA, Randy, and Dianli respectively.

6 In October, the first batch of overseas ODM orders were confirmed


The so-called ODM is the abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturer, which is a production method in which the purchaser entrusts the manufacturer to provide all services from research and development, design to production, and later maintenance, and the purchaser is responsible for sales.

Being able to get ODM orders from multiple markets in Japan, the United States, and India also means that SUNNYXIAO has quite mature product design capabilities and strict product quality control capabilities.

7 In November, Caster series products officially entered the EU market


Overseas customers currently in docking and entering the trial stage include India, South Korea, Belarus, Thailand, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and the United States.

Each country has a different focus on product requirements, and customer feedback during use will help us make further functional and performance optimization of our products, which will be beneficial to our next development in overseas markets.

8 In November, BYD/DJI/Kazakh military industrial aging projects were completed and delivered successively


Innovative business guides transformation and development, but the foundation of traditional business cannot be lost. Among the multiple industrial environment simulation irradiation projects undertaken by SUNNYXIAO in 2022, the full-spectrum simulated solar irradiation system and the infrared lamp irradiation system have been successfully handed over to customers.

This type of project helps customers analyze product performance and predict its service life through artificially accelerated aging of key components of vehicles, drones, and even aerospace materials. On the premise of meeting the high standard technical requirements of customers, the full-process service of SUNNYXIAO team has also been unanimously recognized by customers.

9 In December, SUNNYXIAO's second rail train vehicle environmental laboratory project was officially delivered


This project took more than one year. The internal net size of the laboratory is 32m*6m*7.5m, which is one of the largest environmental laboratories for rail trains in China and even in Asia.

The delivery of the project further establishes SUNNYXIAO's position as a comprehensive solution provider in the field of rail train environmental simulation laboratory in China.

10 In December, the overseas after-sales service center jointly established with Nesys was put into operation in Germany


Nesys is a German local lighting brand established in 1996, which has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of lighting products for many years.

The joint establishment of the after-sales service center by the two parties is a milestone in the development of SUNNYXIAO's overseas market.

On the one hand, it means that SUNNYXIAO's after-sales service in overseas markets will mainly rely on Nesys for maintenance in the future, which is more professional and reliable. In the future, the two parties will also reach a deeper cooperation on the development of new products.

On the other hand, the after-sales service center is also expected to serve as a bridgehead and watchtower for SUNNYXIAO to penetrate the European market. Next, we will start negotiations with the first batch of distributors in Canada, India, and the United States.

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