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Lancer B1000 LED Light

1. Color temperature2700K-6500K, CRI: 97, TLCI: 97;

2. High brightness and 1000W constant output;

3. Independent power supply, safety output and IP54 protection;

4. Standard professional LED reflector, brightening;

5. Bowens bayonet mount for light control accessories;

6. Built-in USB interface to support firmware upgrade;

7. Multiple communication methods;

8. Multiple power supply DC/AC.

Lancer B1000 LED Light Features

Smart, and multi-mode control

LANCER series features a variety of communication control modes allowing direct connection with APP through Bluetooth and WiFi, or with WDMX or Lumenradio CRMX to achieve wired and wireless controls, thus improving shooting efficiency and applying in any case.

Ultra-high color rendering index

LANCER series bi-color LED lights are designed according to high standards for color reproduction. With strict control over the light source quality, CRI and TLCI indexes of COB LED are all more than 97 to provide truer and more natural color in the camera for everything, creating an original color atmosphere and wonderful light and shadow experience.

Universal Bowens bayonet mount

Original fastening structure, easy-installation soft light box, reflectors, Fresnel lens

and other accessories are all designed with Bowens bayonets for purposes of

firm connection and multi-dimensional and all-round light control.

Weather protection

Weather protection is provided for LANCER series spotlights and their power supply by the novel and unique waterproof structure with high-efficiency water drainage and diversion ability, sophisticated external packing technology and the all-around protection of internal

core components, so that the spotlights and their power supply have all-weather protection capability, and can be used to complete video production in harsh environment.

Standard configuration

01* lamp, 01* power box, 01*5m power cable, 01*5m connection cable, 01*COB protection cover, 01* case,01*45° standard reflector,

01*35 circular pipe clamp, 01* manual (with 01*DMX channel table) .



Lancer B1000 LED Light Specifications

ModelLancer B1000
Rated powerMax.100w
Input coltageDC 22-36V, AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Color temperature2700K-6500K
Dimming range0%-100%,accuracy 0.1% adjustable
Control modeOn-board control, CRMX, APP, wired DMX, wireless DMX
Dimming modeLinear/S-curve/exponential/logarithmic/TV
Light effects10
DimensionLamp(yoke not inlcuded):302*190*196mm; Power supply: 170*142*302mm
WeightLamp: 6.1kg Power supply: 2.5kg

Color temperature3200K5600K
Bare lamp21800 lux2680 lux1080 lux25600 lux3010 lux1260lux
With standard reflector183000 lux15800 lux6030 lux212000 lux18600 lux6580 lux

Lancer B1000 LED Light
Lancer B1000 LED Light,Ultra-high color rendering index

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