The 2022 Qatar World Cup is in full swing. Some people say that football is not only a sport, but also an art. Because it can be complex and simple, ancient and modern at the same time, suspenseful and game-demanding, capable of acting out a script that God could never have imagined without rehearsal.

According to this, the movie is similar to it and can make people feel ups and downs.


In the past November, 72 films were staged in turn in four days at the 3rd Spanish Granada Lorca Awards International Film Festival, showing us the blossoming of Spanish films besides football.

On the opening day and the award ceremony, the C02P LED lights for cinematography of SUNNYXIAO's Caster series also made a surprise appearance.


*Granada, located in the most Spanish-style southern Andalusian Autonomous Region, is the capital of the province of Granada, where the famous Alhambra Palace is located. And Lorca, refers to Spain's most outstanding writer, poet, playwright García Lorca.

The relevant pictures are provided by Jaime Garcia, a Spanish lighting engineer, which is also his actual scene application of Caster C02P after the previous MV shooting.

As shown in the lighting diagram below, the two Caster C02P cinema LED lights on both sides in front of the opening stage are mainly used to make up for the ambient light and surface light required for the actors to take group photos.


The maximum power of SUNNYXIAO Caster C02P is 450W. In CCT mode, it provides 2700K-10000K ultra-wide-area color temperature adjustment and 0-100% high-precision brightness adjustment.


Under the color temperature of 5600K, the measured illuminance can reach up to 13400lux at 1m and 1456lux at 3m. The sufficient illuminance is highly praised by Jaime Garcia.


The excellent color rendering helped the lighting engineer to better restore the scene of the opening ceremony and the skin color of the actors.

Several key indicators, such as CRI, TLCI index, SUNNYXIAO Caster achieved greater than 95; the more mature standard TM-30-18, color fidelity index Rf and color saturation index Rg, the measured value of Caster is 93/102.


It is reported that at this year's Granada Lorca Awards International Film Festival, a total of 23 statuettes were awarded.

In addition to Best Comedy Short Film and Best Social Theme Short Film, awards were also presented for best National and international film, Best documentary, Best animated film, Best international, National, Andalusian and Granada short film, best actor and actress, supporting film, director, first feature film, screenplay, cinematography, editing, original score and art design.


▲The Lorca Honorary Award was awarded to actor Pepe Cantero


▲ Nominated for Best Comedy Film


▲ Nominated for Best Spanish Domestic Film


▲ Nominated for the best feature film, the final winner is "Isósceles"

As a platform aimed at promoting the discovery, screening and dissemination of some outstanding unreleased short films, the Granada Lorca International Film Festival has allowed more people to see the rise of Spanish cinema.


▲The most nominated film "Jupiter Rain" stills (teen science fiction theme)

In the past, when talking about Spanish movies, many people only knew about sex comedies and suspense films, but now, thanks to the active participation of Spanish filmmakers in the creative work in the context of globalization and the vigorous development of regional culture, Spanish movies are showing their diversity and vitality.

Along with this change, we believe that the film business in Spain will also drive the rise of the film and television rental industry. Let's look forward to more appearances of SUNNYXIAO Caster products in Spain.

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