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Sunlite 2K/2.5K/4K Solar Simulation

The HQI 2000/HMI 2500/HMI4000 Solar Simulation is a high-performance, full solar spectral radiation simulator as well as a powerful and robust dysprosium iodide lamp.

  1. Turn-key solar simulation solution;

  2. Self-developed ballast and lamps;

  3. Cost effective;

  4. Easy maintenance;

  5. High quality;

  6. Highly compatible booster device

Specification of Solar Simulation

Table 1 Simulation Radiation Unit(SRU)

Optical Characteristic
Bulb TypeHMI 2500W/4000W
Luminous Flux240000 lm/380000lm
Color Temperature6000K
Color Rendering Index (Ra)90
UV Protection GlassUV cut on ca.320/290nm (Optional)
Electrical Characteristic
Start-UpCold Start
Ignition Voltage>20kV
Ignition Duration<3s
Storage Temperature-40°C〜90°C
Operating Temperature-20T~60T
Ingress ProtectionIP53
Dimension(L*W*H)478mm x 473mm x 390mm(HMI2500) 603mm x 603mm x 407mm(HMI4000)
Weight18kg(HMI2500)/22kg (HMI4000)

Table 2 Electronic Ballast(EPS)

Line InterfaceTerminal Block
Connector6-pin, Heavy-duty Connector
Dimming Range50% - 100%
Power Factor>90%
Control Interface
Electrical InterfaceCurrent (4-20mA), Voltage (0-10V)
Protocol InterfaceDMX512, Modbus, Profinet etc.
Operating Temperature-10°C〜40°C, No-condensation
Ingress ProtectionIP20
Dimension(L*W*H)484 mmxl33mmx556mm(Including Handles)

Sunnyxiao is a one-stop solar simulation solution provider. Not only do we provide solar simulators and ballasts, but also we provide turn-key service.

Applications of HQI 2000/HMI 2500/HMI 4000 Solar Simulation

  1. Automobile - weathering & collision testing

  2. Railway vehicles - weathering & collision testing

  3. Aerospace - weathering testing

  4. Military - environmental testing

  5. Film & television - lighting in various scenes

  6. Agriculture - plant & animal cultivation

  7. Clothing - UV protection testing, etc.

HQI 2000/HMI 2500/HMI 4000 Solar Simulation Features

  • Full spectral solar simulation: Fully comply with CIE85 solar spectral irradiance requirement

  • High irradiation intensity: the hydrargyrum medium arc iodide lamp provides 500w/m²~1120w/m² irradiation coverage

  • High uniformity: Irradiation uniformity < 10%

  • Optimized light distribution curve: Uniformity and comfort meet CCT and Kruithof curve requirements

  • Adjustable focal length: Adaptable to various test distance conditions

  • Patented timing-control ignitor: Fast startup, short setting time

  • Patented polyhedral mirror reflector: Brilliant enhancement of uniformity and optical performance

  • Modular design plus ergonomics: Facilitates the O&M by users

  • Robust & endurable: High strength alloy housing, fit for harsh environment

Sunlite HMI2500 Solar Simulation Irradiation

  • 1.2m film lighting types
  • 1.5m solar simulation
  • 1.8m simulation irradiation

Sunlite HQI2000 HMI2.5K/4K Solar Simulation One-stop Solution

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Sunlite 2K/2.5K/4K Solar Simulation
With polyhedral reflection technology, the reflector maximizes the uniformity of light distribution and is of high reflectivity. With easily unbuckling the movable clip, the high-transmittance anti-UV glass is designed to be flipped forward and opened, lowering the maintenance cost. Timing circuit patented technology. The igniter provides a service life of over 3000 hours.

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