When using the indie film lighting fixtures, proper use of some tips can better complete the ideal masterpiece. So what are the reasons for the widespread use of photography lights? Let's take a look below!

For experienced photographers, photography lights are an essential equipment, because this lighting is quite useful in many occasions, especially in outdoor scenes at night, such as parties, camping, photography lights are greatly came in handy. With this lamp, photographers can take photos they want without being restricted by light.

Ⅰ. Reasons why movie shooting lights are widely used

Because photography is a science of using light, the basic principle of photography: light shines on an object, enters the lens through refraction or reflection, and reaches the photosensitive element for imaging. Then if there is no light, there will be no photography, so light is as important as the lifeblood of photography.

In the absence of light, photography can only be done with indie film lighting lights (flash or video lights). So what about in the presence of light? The best situation is of course to make full use of the natural light of the scene, but when the light is insufficient, you need a larger aperture, a higher ISO, a longer exposure time to ensure the picture, or choose to use one or two photography lights. to create some light. It seems easy to tell which one costs less. And when shooting moving objects, we may have to create some lights.

Ⅱ. The role of movie shooting lights

1. In low light conditions, film shooting lights like our C12P series properly increase the amount of light entering the camera to improve the clarity of the photo.

2. When the light does not meet the photography expectations, we can create some light to improve or change the light environment to enhance the effect of the photo.

3. Movie shooting lights help photography to understand the characteristics of light more efficiently, so as to make better use of natural environment light other than this lamp.

By using movie shooting lights, we can not only create light, but also recognize light more efficiently. Through artificial light, we can quickly simulate the effects of various natural light, discover the characteristics of light, and understand the laws of light. In order to be more handy in the selection of the framing position and the selection of various filters. So, through this luminaire, we improved the light environment of the scene, and made the light more obedient to our ideas, and took pictures that were more in line with our expectations.

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