In the process of filming, lighting is an important part that cannot be ignored. The emergence of LED digital movie lights technology has greatly affected the thinking of film shooting and production. Its characteristics of free definition and flexible splicing have fundamentally changed the traditional lighting idea based on occlusion and light control. The cutting-edge LED digital movie lights mapping software can already realize the mapping from virtual to reality through a series of calculations on the relative position of the synthetic background and the real scene lighting. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of LED digital movie lights, this paper analyzes several practical application cases, further discusses the shortcomings of the existing technology, and looks forward to the future LED digital movie lights technology.

The application of LED digital movie lights for conventional live shooting

After the popularization of LED digital movie lighting, great changes have taken place in the same application scene, both in terms of lighting ideas and methods.

First of all, the main light source of spotlights traditionally arranged outside the window is weakened, and its power does not need to be very large. Now it only needs to provide a direct light perception outside the window, and low-power lamps can meet the needs.

Then, set up one or two small LED digital movie lights outside the window, and the basic light of the whole environment will now be hoisted on the ceiling with light soft light LEDs, which can be flexibly controlled using the APP, and the scene light can be freely controlled with one installation. No more time-consuming and laborious adjustments are required.

We don't even need any shading devices for the whole process if we control it well. By using such an LED digital movie lights solution, a uniform and uniform light angle can be obtained, free control of the gamma coefficient is achieved, and a large number of shading devices are not required for shading, which reduces the dependence on high-power lighting and the utilization of space. The higher the rate, the more delicate the use of light.

LED digital movie lights special scene shooting application

In addition to regular live shooting, LED digital movie lighting also plays an important role in the expression of special scenes in movies.

LED digital movie lighting is inherently rich in color. Sci-fi lamps such as LED tubes and LED strips not only play the role of ambient light in many future sci-fi movies, but also directly serve as background props. appears on the screen.

Taking the more popular cyberpunk style in recent years, this style of picture requires stronger electronic elements and more diverse color matching, and requires a large number of highly saturated orange-red, blue, cyan, purple and other colors in the picture.

Application of virtual composite shooting in LED digital movie lights studio

Virtual composite shooting is another main application direction of LED movie lights. In virtual shooting projects, LED digital movie lights can achieve stronger programming effects through the computer.

In the past, during virtual shooting, the post-production special effects software could simulate various complex visual effects, but because the pre-stage lighting could not be matched, the lights mapped on the face or the real scene would look fake. Not to mention, sometimes it will destroy the lighting tonality set for the whole scene in the early stage.

The LED digital movie lighting can complete various timing and fixed-point multi-dimensional lighting effects through computer programming, and transmit the angle, brightness, chromaticity and other information of the lighting entity back to the computer in real time, which is common with the post-effects software. From the lighting level, it realizes the integrated special effects production before and after, and maximizes the lighting fidelity in virtual shooting.

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