Full range of colors, infinite light and shadow,

Together with Caster soft LED light panel,

Embark on a new journey of light and shadow fantasy.

01 Minimalist Industrial Design

Hard anodized coating treatment

Effectively prevents scratches during production and transportation

Honeycomb mesh for faster heat dissipation

Can be lit for long periods without fear of dust and rain


02 Excellent Illumination

Smooth and natural dimming with a resolution of one-thousandth

High frame rate shooting with flicker-free light output

Maximum illumination of 6092lux at 3m

Fearless in the face of any on-set challenges.


03 First-class Color Rendering

RGBW four-color mixing technology

Efficient and accurate color reproduction

CRI and TLCI indices both reach 95+

Perfectly interprets "what you see is what you get".


04 Six Control Modes

Easy-to-use interactive interface

Even first-time users can quickly master our Caster LED soft panel series

Ultra-wide color temperature range

Creates a rich and film-like lighting atmosphere

Built-in 300+ industry standard color papers

Supports 3200K and 5600K color temperature adjustment

05 17 Scene Lighting Effects

Various gameplay unleashes creativity

The threshold for creating images is truly lowered

06 More User-friendly Control Experience

Split-screen control is a unique feature of the flat panel light

Independent drive, no interference

Large-scale grouping control greatly improves on-site work efficiency.


07 Multiple Types, Choose at Will

Caster the Mysterious

Power ranges from 220W to 1500W

From eye and facial lighting to

Large-scale simulation of moonlight and sunlight

Provides all kinds of uniform light required for various scenes in one stop

Light speaks!

The Caster series LED soft panel light

Lights up with passion and helps you achieve even better creativity!

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