It is inevitable to use all kinds of lights when you are shooting movies. If the lighting is well chosen, then the work is already half the success. In the following, SUNNYXIAO will introduce is the selection and correct use of cinematography lights, hoping it can help everyone!

Selection of LED lights for cinematography

(1) The main light: brighten the brightest part, which is the main light source for photography.

(2) The auxiliary light: an auxiliary light source used to fill light in dark parts and adjust the light ratio when controlling the light ratio.

(3) The background light: one of the effect lights, which brightens the background area, otherwise the background lacks light area and texture, and background shadows will also occur.

(4) Hair lamp: one of the effect lights, that separates the hair from the dark background and is not applicable when the background is light-colored.

(5) Spotlight effect lights, background light theme lights: LED lights for cinematography to produce strong light effects, if you insert special-shaped inserts, you can get different shapes of light and shadow effects, which are often used when making background lights.

(6) Other effect lights: such as "backlight" can highlight the outline of the theme. The use of skills and functions depends on the needs of the photographer.

C02P Cinema LED Lights

Key equipment and functions of LED lights for cinematography

In the use of photographic lights for lighting, in order to improve the light quality and color of each light, such as changing direct light into scattered light, or changing it into light quality such as concentrated light, you can use the auxiliary equipment of the light, such as the reflective umbrellas, shadowless cover, four-leaf shield and other equipment to change the quality of different light. Its main equipment and functions are as follows:

(1) Reflective umbrella: install the reflective umbrella in front of the lamp, and use the reflective function of this umbrella to change the light quality into the nature of scattered light, so as to obtain softer light quality, which is often installed on the auxiliary lamp or the main lamp. Its raw materials are silver or white, but white is more commonly used.

(2) Shadowless cover: Shadowless cover is the most concise and direct scattered light conversion device. Its function is to make a lampshade from a half light-transmitting white cloth, and put it directly on the lamp head. When the direct light passes through the cloth cover, it will be scattered into scattered light. The operation is simple, and it is the most important and widely used method for changing the light quality in photo studios. device of. It is often used in the main light or auxiliary light of LED lights for cinematography. The scales can be large and small, and can be purchased according to the photographer's shooting intention.

(3) Spike cover: It is a device with the opposite function to the shadowless cover. This funnel-shaped cylinder similar to a pig's mouth, when installed in front of the lamp head, will direct the light of the bare lamp to the light projection place more concentratedly, forming a concentrating state, which is the most commonly used light guide device for lighting and concentrating.

(4) Four-leaf shutter: multi-functional equipment. Its shape is a cover composed of four movable mattes, which can obtain large-scale or small-scale lighting according to the size of the aperture opened by the blades. It is the best creative device for changing the lighting scale. You can also use its jack to plug in any color film to get a color light with color changes. The operation is simple and quick, and it is a very important multi-functional device, which is often used to change the background of LED lights for cinematography.

(5) Color film and other accessories: Color film is a colored transparent film that can change the color of the light. Its material is plastic material, and the photographer can replace it according to his own preferences. In addition, there are light reduction materials such as tracing paper. You can refer to the manuals of various material manufacturers and make full use of them according to the content of the creator's photos to achieve different effects in lighting design.

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