In the news studio or some small and medium-sized studios, we mainly use spotlights and soft light panel.

Spotlight is a luminaire that can produce the effect of concentrating light. It is generally a point light source. According to the type of light source selected, we can determine the color temperature. The traditional halogen spotlight is low color temperature, and the color temperature of the LED spotlight can be adjusted. There are high color temperature and low color temperature. soft light panel has soft light, mainly to produce astigmatism, and color temperature is high or low according to the light source.

Dispersion is a common problem of spotlights in the past, which will cause the inconsistency of color temperature and color display index of the center and edge of the spot. This is due to the different refractive index of each monochromatic light when the light passes through the lens. When the edge monochromatic light just shines on the host's face, the skin color will appear "Mosaic" or the skin color is not correct. The luminaire with reasonable light path design can solve the dispersion problem well.

Soft diffused light is essential for television lighting, once the light is too hard, it will make the host’s face or makeup foundation shown. After restoring the image color, the face looks very abnormal. Soft light can avoid this problem well, which is one of the reasons for the application of soft light panel in daily life.

Chase lamp is an indispensable lamp in TV studio nowadays. Xenon lamp or hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamp is commonly used for tracking lamps. By adjusting the aperture to zoom in and out the light spot, the light can be precisely controlled in the appropriate area and effectively reduce stray light. These characteristics of tracking lamp on the TV picture color is originally very beneficial, so now many variety shows are xenon lamp as the surface light, and white balance adjustment.

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