Film shooting light is an important means of modeling, which plays a role in conveying information, expressing emotions, setting the atmosphere, and portraying the character and psychological changes in the film. It influences the formation of the film tone and the presentation of the film style, forms a united relationship with the film tone, and combines with other modeling means to express the rhythm and melody of the film.

The Status of Film Shooting Light in the Movie

In film and television production, film shooting light can emphasize the atmosphere, highlight the image, reflect the psychology of the characters, and influence the audience's emotions. Controlling film shooting light is an important part of film and television production. Film shooting light is different from real-world lighting. In order to achieve the desired effect, numerous settings are usually required for lighting. For example, the number of lights, their position, color, brightness, attenuation, shadows and rendering settings.

Emphasis of Film Shooting Light

It is the simplest way to emphasize the subject from the background. When shooting, we only let the subject in the light, and let the background submerged in the darkness. Our eyes will naturally be attracted to the bright subject first, so that the characters from the background stand out. This is one of the most expressive levels. In a group, whoever is the brightest is the most noticeable. So when shooting, make whoever is most noticeable the brightest.

Basic Lighting Technique

  • Main Light: It is usually the main light source within the scene, and we use it as a reference for color temperature and intensity to set other lights. If the color temperature of the main light is 5000K, choose other lights with the same color temperature as the main light and lower intensity than the main light.

  • Auxiliary light: The role of auxiliary light is to balance the main light and illuminate the shadows left by the main light.

  • Contour light: The role of the contour light is to separate the subject and the background, especially when the subject has dark hair, skin, clothing, the background is also very dark, they are easy to mix together.

  • Background Light: The background light is used to illuminate the background. We use this light to control the coordination between the background and the subject.

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