With the development LED technology, nowadays, there are more and more LED light fixtures of different functions being used on sets. One of the most popular LED fixtures is LED panel light. To get control of the light, gaffers need lighting accessories such as barndoors, eggcrates and diffuser cloth.  



Barndoors are used for additional control over the shape of the light beam. By adjusting the angles of the four flaps of the barndoor, you can control the light beam and limit the lighting area flexibly. Another advantage of barndoors is they will help you to create dramatic lighting effects.




Eggcrates are also called grids. They are used to reduce light spill by blocking off-axis light at right angles. Moreover, you can also use eggcrates to create a softer and more even light.



Diffusion cloth

The main function of the diffusion cloth is to isolate and soften the light between the light fixture and the subject, so that the light beam and shade are excessive and the light layers are richer. In practical applications, we have a lot of different-sized eggrates. The largest one can be 4-6m wide. Large diffusion cloth is very convenient to use when shooting panoramic or mid-range shots on location. 


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