Domestic and foreign practitioners in movie and television plays show different pursuits for lighting style, but share the same yearning for high-quality lamps.



The annual IBC exhibition was held during September 9th to September 12th, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the hometown of windmills and tulips, as scheduled!

Exhibitors from more than 1,500 countries all over the world gathered here and brought the most state-of-the-art technologies and products to the radio and TV industry. The exhibition lasted for 4 days and came to a successful end at 16:00 p.m. on September 12th (Netherlands local time).

Here is the video for IBC review:



On the first day, the exhibition encountered with a strike by Dutch railway workers, causing that the trains from other European countries could not enter the Netherlands, which affected the IBC exhibition attendance to some extent. Even so, according to the pictures from the scene, it can be concluded that there were still a lot of visitors, and the booths were crowded.



As a grand event in the European radio and TV industry, IBC is featured as the “barometer” and “wind vane” of the industry...

At IBC, people can find the most popular products, know the latest technologies in advance, and experience the latest and hottest apps easily.


Moreover, in recent years, as more and more radio and TV system integrators extend their services to the all media audio and video industry, the boundary between two fields, i.e. the radio, TV and the all media audio & video, is narrowed significantly, which also drives the exhibitors of camera equipment, lighting and related accessories to grow in an increasing number.

It is just based on such a trend analysis that SUNNYXIAO decided to participate in the exhibition with a full range of Caster lighting products this year!


As its first time participating in the 2022 IBC, SUNNYXIAO had its booth in fashionable and simple style, which was mainly in white and with large LOGOs, showing a high sense of presence. Further, a simple and clear display matrix was adopted for the exhibits of different sizes.


In order to make the audience understand both SUNNYXIAO brand and Caster LED light panel for sale intuitively, we had four products on show, including C01P (220W), C02P (450W), C04P (500W) and C12P (1500W), equipped the booth with the supporting soft diffusion and egg crates, and displayed the videos showing the selling points of our products.

We also invited Zeno Groenewegen, a well-known Dutch photographer, to the booth to have an in-depth interaction with the on-site audience, explain the products, and demonstrate the operations, so as to improve the audience's willingness to understand the product and reduce the threshold for the audience to get the product started.


The sincere layout and arrangement allowed us to gain 4 days of high-density audience visits and inquiries. Moreover, we found that most of the foreign customers were concerned about C12P LED lights for movie shooting.

It is larger and brighter than most of the other color LED flat lamps of the same type on the market, providing an amazing luminance of 6,092 lux at 3m/5,600K.

With an ultra-high color rendering, its CRI and TLCI values are all over 95, while the average values of the color fidelity index Rf and color saturation index Rg under the TM-30-18 standard are 93 and 102, respectively, which perfectly interpret what you see is what you get, and minimize the gap between the image and the real product.

In terms of the function, it supports the ultra-wide area adjustment of color temperature from 2,700K to 10,000K, hue adjustment from 0 to 360, saturation adjustment from 0 to 100 and high-precision brightness adjustment from 0 to 100. Meanwhile, it has over 300 built-in color paper parameters and 17 special light effects, bringing great convenience and freedom to light and shadow creators!








In addition to the products, Color Express, the light control app software supported by SUNNYXIAO Caster products, has also aroused strong interest of exhibitors, of which the software allows free and continuous updates, going beyond the expectations of many users.


There will naturally be a result in August and/or September for what you have done in March and/or April./What goes around comes around.

SUNNYXIAO caster series products were officially launched for sales in April 2022, and as it were, had achieved a small goal of the stage until their appearance on the international stage Netherlands IBC Exhibition in September.

Despite such a short period of 4 days, we obtained orders from many overseas potential customers owing to the 4 different types of color LED flat lights with their excellent color rendering, good looking, portability, and ease of use.








Based on the statistics from the staff on-site, in addition to the local lighting rental companies, movie and TV play, and video production companies in the Netherlands, we also received potential customers from Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Belarus, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Ghana and other countries.

Many customers on site were also very interested in the layout of our next high-power spotlight product line. It is believed that more SUNNYXIAO professional movie lights will be available and accessible soon.

Internationalization is an important road. SUNNYXIAO has always focused on the customer experience and been committed to providing a complete set of lighting products and solutions for overseas radio and TV, movie and TV play, and video production companies.

Walking in the forefront of the times and seizing the industry trend, SUNNYXIAO brought its first participation in the 2022 Netherlands IBC Exhibition to a successful end. 

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