When we usually use this lamp, we must pay attention to regular maintenance in order to prolong the service life of the lamp. Then let's learn about the maintenance methods of studio lights together!

1. The movie lights in the studio are used relatively frequently

Nowadays, many studio lighting design lights still use traditional light source lamps. This keeps the job of replacing the light source continuous and frequent. But many studios have made improvements, and all of them have been replaced with LED series. There are LED three-color soft light, LED threaded spotlight, LED imaging light, LED six-in-one row, etc.

2. The maintenance of studio film lighting

It doesn't mean that there is no after-sales service for LEDs. If there are good maintenance methods, it will not only prolong the service life of the lamps, but even if your personnel change batches after batches, your lamps will still stand tall in the studio. So what kind of maintenance can make the lamps and lanterns can be used better?

(1) Studio lighting design: The surface of the lighting is spray-painted, and die-cast aluminum is used, but care should also be taken to prevent falling during use. If a piece of paint is dropped due to carelessness on its appearance, it is really detrimental.

(2) Handle it with care during use. If it is not used for a period of time and it is still in a humid climate, it is best to turn on the light at intervals. Because if the climate is too humid and it is not used for a long time, the lamp will also have moisture. In this case, there will be some damage to the electronic components inside the lamp. In addition, you can also check whether there are other abnormalities in the lights, so as to ensure nothing goes wrong during the live broadcast.

(3) Since studios do not have suspended ceilings, hanging lamps are used more often. In such a case, you must pay attention to safety. Whether the welding of the light frame is firm, to prevent accidents due to the lack of welding of some previous light frames, safety first.

(4) To choose qualified film lighting fixtures, non-standard and non-standard lighting fixtures are not allowed, and don't suffer a lot just to save a little money.

Studio film lighting mainly refers to the lighting used in the studio. The studio mainly includes news studio, interview studio, virtual keying studio, high-definition studio and so on.

The studio is also becoming more and more popular. In the past, the studio was mainly used by TV stations to record programs. However, with the development of science and technology, companies, campuses, etc. often use studios to enrich the lives of employees or students and to promote their images, in order to ensure the clarity of the recorded picture, film studio lighting plays a decisive role.

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