Do you use color gel in daily work? Which color number is used frequently? Do you know the differences between the two mainstream color gel companies of ROSCO and LEE?

With the development of LED industry recently, more and more colorful LED products have been emerging and gradually evolved into a lamp built-in color gel calling with a key by lighting with physical color gel.

Do you know Sunnyxiao brand-new Caster series GEL mode? Do you try out Sunnyxiao lamp control APP? How to choose color gel by connecting Sunnyxiao APP with Caster products? Let me show you a video firstly, please check this link:

01. LEE and ROSCO

As the video introduces, there are more than 300 industrial standard papers in Sunnyxiao Caster products, which is divided into L and R series; L means British LEE brand and R means American ROSCO brand.


Aiming at different application scenarios, there are several series of physical color gels of the two brands, which has their own advantages in physical operation and application.

ROSCO special color gels for stage have extremely high saturation, thus most stage lighting engineers would like to choose ROSCO color gels; some color gels of LEE Filters are suitable for stage and some are designed for film shooting. As a result, the color number of some color gels is popular in film and television lighting industry.


The two brands are physical color gel manufacturers with a long history and high popularity in the industry, which has established certain usage barriers in international stage and film and television production that are followed by domestic lighting color gels.

02. 9 Series

ROSCO and LEE were founded in last century with the history of 112 years and 55 years respectively. In the long history, the two brands have launched too many color gels that are hard to distinguish from each other.

Among numerous color gel models, Sunnyxiao Caster has collected a total of more than 300 color gels in 9 series. They are respectively introduced below.

Firstly, there are 4 series of built-in ROSCO brand color gels, including

➀RCC:Color Correction Color gel

As you may have heard that CTO——color temperature orange color gel and CTB——color temperature blue color gel belong to the series.

The series is not the color gel for adjusting light color, but appears for mutual conversion of lamp type light source and solar type light source in film era, namely, it is specially designed for color temperature adjusting.

CTO can be used for adjusting lamp type light source (like common HMI bulb) to match the color temperature of 3,200K tungsten lamp, while CTB can be used for light adjusting of 3,200-5,700K tungsten lamp with color temperature ranging from 3,200k to 5,700K to match the color temperature of 5,400K sunlight (normal sunlight).


➁RCA:CalColor winning Oscar Academy Award and mainly used for camera color correction

It is a famous ROSCO series that is jointly researched and developed by scientists of ROSCO and Kodak Company and has won 1999 Oscar Academy Award and obtained US patent.

The series can generate pure primary colors (red, green and blue), secondary colors (cyan, yellow, and carmine) and two kinds of tertiary colors (pink and lavender) for camera; each color can be divided into at least four kinds of density, such as 15, 30, 60 and 90 


➂RSS:Customized Storaro Selection colorful color gels for master photographer Vittorio Storaro

Italian photographer Vittorio Storaro who has successively won Oscar Academy Award for Best Cinematography for three times based on Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor was world-renowned for his exquisite use of color in film lighting.

Storaro chooses ROSCO to produce his personal color palette that includes 10 kinds of bold and saturated colors


Storaro believes that each hue has its own meaning, symbolic meaning and theatricality. He has spent a year studying everything he knew about color.


▲ Film Still of The Last Emperor (Delete in case of infringement)

➃RCL:Cinelux party color gels

Party means that the scene is large with many people, requiring some very large lighting equipment, thus the color is highly saturated.

In terms of naming of the series of color gels, you will notice that they are suggestive, such as 318 Maya sun, 325 stained sky, 41 salmon, 378 Alice blue, and 99 chocolates.


Sunnyxiao Caster built-in LEE Filters brand color gels contain 5 series:

➀LCC:Color Correction color gels


➁LCF:Color Filters

The colors are very saturated


➂L600:600 Series


➃LCS:Cosmetic Filters

Cosmetic is obviously a series of diffused soft color gels


➄L700:700 Series


It is easy to find that color gels of the two brands are similar; which color gels should be used is up to personal habits of lighting engineers; color gels are classified by color special effect, color correction, soft light, reflective light, LED and veil curtain.

03. How to choose color gels?

The color generated by subtracting specific color wavelength of a color gel. Therefore, color gel is also called “gel /color filter/ lighting gel”.

The first step is to know color gel series. The professional accomplishment of a professional lighting engineer and lighting director is to know which lighting and scene a color gel is suitable for and what effect can be achieved.


▲Picture source: DELPASOFILMS

For example, 728 Steel Green of LEE is described as dull and cold light with metal texture and conspiratorial moonlight by its official website;


While 721Berry Blue is pretty good to be used as bias light in music performance environment;


R21 Golden Amber of ROSCO is used for simulating the color of sunlight transition and displaying the gradual change from yellow to amber of the sun at sunset. The light on the face of the figure is very soft and beautiful.


As there are too many color gels and the space is limited, they are not introduced one by one. Official websites of the two brands have introduced them. If you want to know more, please visit the official websites http://cn.rosco.com

We will introduce the color number of some color gels and effect demonstration for better understanding of the application of color gels in lighting process.

04. Calling color gels with a key on the APP

Lighting engineers can better combine script, scene and budget to determine final lighting way and thinking after having a full understanding of lighting equipment, accessories, and colors.


Thanks to technical progress. In the past, if you want to know the purpose and performance of each color gel, you need to purchase lots of physical color gels and try out them one by one and the price of color gels is expensive.

However, as there are many built-in color gels in the colorful LED, you can rapidly simulate the color environment of different color gels and different power outputs under different color temperature light sources.

Moreover, domestic lamp manufacturers have developed corresponding APP programs for their own products for direct observation and field control, which further improves your efficiency to use lamps.

color-gel-mode-interface-of-Sunnyxiao-ColorExpress-APP1.jpg color-gel-mode-interface-of-Sunnyxiao-ColorExpress-APP2.jpg

The above is the color gel mode interface of Sunnyxiao ColorExpress APP. You can see that the top LE and RO brands are optional. There is a search box on the right side for entering familiar color gel for rapid call. The color presentation and color gel name are obvious in the middle. After selecting a color gel, X and Y parameter values can be adjusted below to achieve most ideal color effect you want and the adjusted color gels can be saved for rapid call later.

In terms of color temperature, 3,200K and 5,600K are optional. After switch, the changes can be directly seen on the mobile phone screen. In fact, the simulated color gels are respectively put in front of tungsten lamp or dysprosium lamp to form the final color effect. The convenience of the APP lies in the over 300 kinds of built-in color gels. With the upgrading of Sunnyxiao Caster system, more color gels you love are collected in our color gel library without additional expenditure and the upgrading process is very simple.


Just as scriptwriters convey emotion with words, film and television lighting engineers can do the same thing with color and light. Therefore, the importance of color is self-evident.

Sunnyxiao Caster built-in color gel library provides lighting engineers with unprecedented choices and freedom of control. If you have not used GEL color gel mode of Sunnyxiao Caster portable LED light panels, just try it out.

Welcome to share your user experience with us!

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