We all know that the creation of a film is a comprehensive art. It is completed by the cooperation and co-creation of screenwriters, directors, photography, art, recording, makeup, lighting and other departments. Each part uses different techniques to enrich the visual language and auditory language. Moreover, there are various means of expressing film lights. Next, we will mainly talk about how the light and shade changes of light, the use of light and shadow, and color participate in the creation of film and television dramas.

1. The expression means of film light lamp's light and shadow

The use of light and shadow is an important technique of TV drama lighting. Without light, film and television dramas cannot express the objective world through the screen, and without light, people and objects cannot appear on the screen. Film lighting design reproduces the shape and light and shade levels of the subject through light and shadow, and applies appropriate artistic treatment to achieve the purpose of describing the character of the characters, creating the environment and heightening the atmosphere.

For light and shadow, the quality of light (soft light or hard light), the direction of light (front light, side light, back light, bottom light, top light, etc.), and the brightness of light (strong light or weak light) are three very important factors. Important factors, they not only make the picture appear more clearly, but also undertake the mission of defining the frame space, connecting all parts of the picture, and distinguishing different scenic spots.

The relaxation and concentration of light, the light and shadow contrast formed by different directions of light, and the different effects of light brightness on vision all provide possibilities for artistic expression.

Because of the wonderful relationship between light and shadow and human emotions, LED movie lighting design often uses the combination or change of light to express a certain atmosphere, psychological activities of characters, etc. The replacement or flashing of light and shadow, contrast, and changes in brightness can express the seriousness of the situation and psychological struggle, and are effective ways to describe the environment and express the thoughts and emotions of characters.

2. The expression means of the color of film lights

Color, like light and shadow, can be used to describe the environment and set off the atmosphere. Different colors can make the audience have different psychological feelings. The organic deployment and proper use of colors can describe the personalities and emotions of different characters, and can suggest the psychological activities of the characters and some subtle changes in their emotions.

Warm colors generally give people a fiery, unrestrained, and joyful atmosphere, and sometimes bring people a warm and romantic feeling, and sometimes it may be an ambiguous hint; while cool colors give people a quiet, depressed, and depressed psychological feeling.

3. The use of light and shade with film lights

The bright part of the object in the picture tends to attract people's visual attention, and the black shadow can also attract people's attention. The two complement each other, the bright part can highlight the dark part, and the dark part can highlight the bright part. This kind of light and dark contrast can greatly impact the audience's vision, and can also strengthen the dramatic effect.

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