Different film lights are of different functions. There are 2 types of film lights that are widely used in film and television industry: soft LED panel lights and LED COB lights.

LED panel lights are the professional lights that can energy-saving and light in weight, compared with traditional film lights. Caster LED lights are well designed light fixtures. With the features of high build quality and high color rendition, Caster C01P & Caster C02P are small in size, so it is very suitable to use such lights to set lighting on small-scale shooting projects.


Spotlights are also very popular LED light fixtures. The illumination intensity of spotlights is relatively high. Usually, you need some accessories such as diffusers and soft boxes when using spotlights. In addition, LED spotlights are flexible to move. Lancer series B500/B1000/B1500 spotlights are ready for the market.


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