Recently Sunnyxiao showed up at Cinelease Open House. We exhibited a series of cutting-edge lighting fixtures including Combi Matrix lights, garnering widespread attention and praise from attendees.


The Open House event, held on March 16, 2024, in the United States, gathered numerous elites and experts from the international filmmaking industry. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sunnyxiao showcased the latest innovations, including the Combi Matrix light, Wand light, and Lancer COB 1500.


The Combi Matrix light, with its unique modular design, offers unprecedented flexibility in filmmaking. Its customizable features allow gaffers to quickly adjust lighting layouts according to different shooting needs. Additionally, its energy-efficient characteristics align with the current trend.


The Wand tube light, on the other hand, stands out as a lightweight and portable option. This fixture boasts powerful illumination capabilities while maintaining a compact size, making it ideal for outdoor and mobile shooting scenarios. The Wand tube light opens up new possibilities for filmmakers and adds versatility to their filming toolbox.


Meanwhile, the Lancer COB 1500 garnered unanimous praise from professionals on site for its high brightness and color rendering. Its precise temperature control and exceptional light uniformity enhance the quality of visuals. 


It’s a great opportunity for Sunnyxiao team meet so many great filmmakers at Cinelease Studio. Sunnyxiao will continue to adhere to quality and service, providing the global filmmaking industry with more high-quality and efficient products.

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