As a representative of energy-saving lamps, cinema LED lights have the characteristics of ultra-thin, energy-saving, long life, high brightness, no radiation, no stroboscopic and so on. They are very suitable for modern office, home decoration, and video recording needs. However, the quality of cinema LED lights on the market is uneven, making it difficult to distinguish. So how to judge the quality of LED flat panel lights?

1. Which one is better, the integrated body or split body of cinema LED lights?

The integrated body means that the LED film lighting techniques are in a completely sealed state as a whole, and the panel and the body are integrated. This kind of structure is tight and seamless, which can effectively prevent moisture, water and mosquitoes. Because the whole machine is a metal shell, the structure and layout are more rigorous and reasonable, and the heat dissipation effect is fully considered, so the service life will be longer.

For some cinema LED lights, the panel is separated from the body, and a combination of metal and plastic materials is used. Although such lights are light, their structure is not rigorous. Because the body has gaps, it is easy to enter dust, water vapour, mosquitoes, etc. cleaning. As a result, the heat dissipation effect is not good. If the power-on time is too long, the temperature will increase and cannot be dissipated, resulting in light decay and shortened life.

2. The material of the fuselage is also related to the service life of cinema LED lights

High-quality LED lights for cinematography, the body is generally made of aluminum alloy anti-oxidation material, can also be used in a humid environment, to avoid the occurrence of safety hazards such as rust and leakage. And some poor quality cinema LED lights use iron body, iron is very easy to rust, and there may be a danger of conductive leakage in a humid environment. To verify whether it is ferrous, just try it with a magnet and you will know.

3. The material of the soft light board is the outermost part of cinema LED lights that derive the light

The material of the soft light board is generally composite acrylic, ordinary acrylic, imported acrylic, etc. At present, the imported acrylic sheet is better. This acrylic sheet has high light guide rate, so that the light brightness of the lamp is uniform and soft, and the service life is long. Inferior cinema LED lights and diffusers are generally made of cheap recycled materials, with many impurities, poor light transmittance, uneven brightness and softness, such lights will hurt your eyes and cannot be selected.

4. The luminous patch is the standard configuration of the current cinema LED lights

SMD is generally used as the light source, because its service life is longer than that of lamp beads, and the luminous effect is also better. At present, the better patch is the thick double gold wire patch, which has a high processing precision factor. The cinema LED lights of poor quality generally use single gold wire patch, and some even copper wire, the brightness and service life are greatly reduced.

5. The ballast is the heart of the led movie lamp, which is directly related to the normal use and life of the lamp

At present, good LED film lighting techniques generally adopt the drive cross-current power supply, which has protection functions such as short circuit and overload, which is very safe and stable, and can well guarantee the service life of the lamp. For lamps of average quality, the ballast used is solid waterproof and glued. Although it has good waterproof and heat dissipation effects, it has no protection functions such as short circuit and overload. And inferior cinema LED lights, the use of inferior glue, and some even poured asphalt, can not guarantee the life of the lamp. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the ballast.

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