In different shooting places, you can choose different outdoor shooting lights. So what are the types of movie shooting lights in the studio? And how did the respective lighting work? The following will be a unified introduction!

1. The main light source of movie shooting lights

The main light of the photographic light in the studio is used to illuminate the models in the studio, and it is also the main light to shape the image of the character. The main light determines the distribution of the overall light and dark areas of the character, whether it is soft light or hard light. , the key light has a relatively strong directionality, and its light position determines the light effect of the photo. Therefore, the change of the position of the key light and the interval between the models may affect the sunlight of the photo or even the overall effect in the lighting process. The key light is the priority element, and the auxiliary light should be consistent with the tone of the key light. In most portrait shots, the softbox is used as the key light. Softboxes add more uniformity to hard lights and are easier to manipulate.

2. Photographic light auxiliary light

Generally speaking, the auxiliary light of the photographic light is the light source that fills the dark part or shadow part of the picture. Its existence maintains the balance of the light in the picture and avoids excessive contrast. The brightness ratio of the main light and the auxiliary light is called the light ratio. The brighter the auxiliary light, the smaller the light ratio of the picture. The irradiation direction of the auxiliary light is mostly near the axis of the digital SLR camera, so as to avoid too large an irradiation angle error with the main light, resulting in messy projection of the picture. The auxiliary light is mostly soft light, so as to fill the light evenly.

3. Action light of movie shooting lights

The main function of movie shooting light is to focus on the subject, to retouch the human body or to cover up imperfections. Contour light can better highlight the shape of the character, generally projected from 150 degrees to 170 degrees in the opposite direction, so as to form a bright contour line on the marginal hair, face, shoulders and torso of the character, contour light and some other effects The use of light can highlight the characters more effectively, which also increases the artistic expression of the photo.

4. Photographic light background lights

The light source used to illuminate the background alone is called the background light. The function of the background light is to separate the model from the background, so as to better reflect and highlight the characters, thereby increasing the three-dimensional effect of the picture. The background light only illuminates the background, and generally one or more flashes alone complete the task of creating a night scene light. Backlight controls the brightness of the background. According to the needs of shooting, the background light can be soft light or hard light. Soft light is mostly used to create a pure background with relatively high brightness, while hard light is mostly used to create a fashionable and avant-garde spot background. In order to set the background light of the movie shooting lights in the studio, the model should keep a certain distance from the background when lighting. The construction of the background light is conducive to highlighting the image of the subject and purifying the background, thereby increasing the appeal of the picture.

5. Movie shooting lighting ratio

In studio portraits, it is common to use two or more flashes, plus several reflectors. Therefore, the light intensity on the bright side and the dark side of the character is often significantly different. Common light ratios are 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4. Using a light meter after the lighting is complete, you can easily measure the light ratio of the different light-receiving surfaces of the model. When the light is small, the light is flat, which is conducive to shooting feminine subjects; when the light is large, the three-dimensional sense of the characters is stronger, which is conducive to expressing the specific subject of male characters and the specific style of female portrait photos.

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