Hydrargyrum Medium ARC Iodide Lamp Types

  • Sunlite HMI4000 High-speed Flim Light

    Polygonal parabolic reflector. Integral magnesium-aluminum alloy structure, 30% lighter (in weight) than existing ones. Cross-cooling technology ensures safe operation at any angle. Compensation of cable loss (CCL). Ingress protection rating of IP23.
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  • Sunlite 2K/2.5K/4K Solar Simulation

    With polyhedral reflection technology, the reflector maximizes the uniformity of light distribution and is of high reflectivity. With easily unbuckling the movable clip, the high-transmittance anti-UV glass is designed to be flipped forward and opened, lowering the maintenance cost. Timing circuit patented technology. The igniter provides a service life of over 3000 hours.
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Solar Simulation Lighting Spectral Distribution Chart

Solar Simulation Lighting Spectral Distribution Chart
How to install a solar simulator lamp?

How to install a solar simulator lamp?


SUNLITE 2000 HQI & Q2000 Ballast

FILMLITE 4000 HMI & S4000 Ballast

  • Patented light reflection system;

  • Patented timing circuit technology;

  • Excellent protection treatment;

  • Super-efficient heat dissipation structure;

  • Four power modules are integrated into one Ballast. 

Full Spectrum Metal Halide Lamp - SUNLITE + FILMLITESUNNYXIAO Sunlite's full-spectrum sunlight simulation system can perfectly mimic natural sunlight, providing uniform and reliable sunlight radia...

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