Film Photography Lighting works on digital cameras just like flash works on digital cameras. When shooting dark objects, these auxiliary light sources are necessary, otherwise the noise will be very high and the post-processing is not enough. For many newbies, photography lights seem to be an unnecessary accessory for digital cameras and the most easily overlooked. This is because there are too few photography lights available on the market, and adding photography lights is not very convenient for carrying digital cameras, which makes many users hesitate.

For senior players, however, photography lights are essential photography equipment and are very useful in many occasions. In fact, photography lights are a very important device in shooting, especially in outdoor night scenes such as barbecues and camping.

With the led film lighting, the scope of use of digital cameras can be expanded without being limited by light. More and more people are beginning to love photography, so it is particularly important to equip oneself with a suitable set of equipment, and it is only after having a camera that the photography light is needed to take beautiful photos.

1. Selection method of Film Photography Lighting lamp

1. Buy small lamps for small photography studios: If the photography space is below 5 square meters and the ceiling height is below 3.1 meters, it is best to buy lamps of about 200 watts, and remember not to exceed 400 watts.

2. Buy larger lamps for larger photography studios: If the photography space is required to be above 5 square meters and the ceiling height is above 3.1 meters, it is best to buy lamps of about 400-600 watts.

3. The output power of external flash is not inferior to that of studio lamp, but it must consider the form of photography due to slower return speed and easy heating; if continuous shooting is required frequently, it is recommended to buy studio lamp.

4. There are special shooting lamps, single lamps and electric drums for studio lamps. It is recommended for ordinary people to start with external shooting lamps and single lamps. If it is necessary to take high-speed consecutive photos, electric drums are more suitable.

5. Some Film Photography Lighting lamps are specialized and cannot be used universally, and some photography lamps require strong batteries to drive. Therefore, when purchasing a filming lamp, the existing battery capacity should be considered and additional purchase may be required if necessary.

2. Precautions for Film Photography Lighting

Film Photography Lighting is a relatively important photographic device, but the number of real users is still small. Many friends do not know how to improve the quality of photos in the dark environment, or complain about the lack of functions of digital cameras. When we realize this, we have missed many wonderful precious moments. If you want to make your digital camera useful, it is recommended to buy a photography light, which is quite necessary.

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