Light accessories can change the nature of light, improve the work efficiency and create rich and stratified picture effect.

You can refer to for our light accessories.

But some friends always ask us how to install the light accessories and if there is anything that we need to pay attention to. Today, SUNNYXIAO will show you the installation method.

SunnyXiao Caster Series has various models of portable LED light panels, among which C01P, C02P, and C04P can be equipped with 4-leaf Barndoor, Al Eggcrate, Soft Box and Soft Eggcrate, and the installation methods of light accessories for the three models are basically the same.

C12P with higher power and larger light aperture (1290 * 920mm) can be equipped with a Soft Box and Soft Eggcrate temporarily. The Soft Box is comprised of a frame and four pieces of reflective cloth, and their installation method is slightly different from that of C01P(LED video panel light), C02P(LED lights for cinematography), and C04P(RGBW LED Panel Light).

In the practical application of film and television studios, the C12P LED panel light for shooting is often equipped with a large soft light cloth or a bigger egg-crate hung in front of the light to achieve the effect required for shooting.


Soft Box is a commonly used light effect accessory, which can produce softer light by enlarging the light source area. By comparing the shooting, we can also find the difference clearly.

Soft Eggcrate is placed in front of the Soft Box to help control the light direction and projection range, reduce the stray light of the panel light and highlight the subject.


When a 4-leaf Barndoor is used, the ray of light will vary in size and width as the barndoor changes. The Al Eggcrate can also control the direction and range of light and improve the contrast of the picture.

It is worth noting that due to the material and weight of the 4-leaf Barndoor and Al Eggcrate, relevant safety regulations specify that the 4-leaf Barndoor and Al Eggcrate hanging on the light must be equipped with safety rope and other protective measures.

This is the installation instruction of light effect accessories of SunnyXiao Caster Series.

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